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Hanna, Mariam Tobia Mercy Funeral Home May 05, 2015 Hazel Park Michigan UNITED STATES
Kempf SR., Dennis Lynn Chapel Hill Funeral Home & Memorial Gardens May 05, 2015 Osceola Indiana UNITED STATES
Chin, Kathleen O. Nicholas F. Cognetta Funeral Home & Crematory May 05, 2015 Stamford Connecticut UNITED STATES
Kline, Wilmer R. Mann - Slonaker Funeral Home May 05, 2015 East Greenville Pennsylvania UNITED STATES
Reed, Alberta Seawinds Funeral Home & Crematory May 05, 2015 Sebastian Florida UNITED STATES
Block, Linda Ruth McReynolds-Nave-Larson Funeral Home May 05, 2015 Clarksville Tennessee UNITED STATES
Smith, Esther W. Rowe Funeral Home May 05, 2015 Litchfield Connecticut UNITED STATES
Summers, James E Rutledge & Bigham Mortuary, Inc. May 05, 2015 STATESVILLE North Carolina UNITED STATES
RENTROP, MARY L Rebold Rosenacker & Sexton Funeral Home and Crematory May 05, 2015 Cincinnati Ohio UNITED STATES
Pashniak, Marjorie Upper Gage Avenue May 05, 2015 Hamilton Ontario CANADA