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Desjarlais, Maurice Clarence MacKenzie Funeral Chapel Jul 30, 2014 Stonewall Manitoba CANADA
Everett, Leo A. Jeffrey A. Naugle Funeral & Cremation Service Jul 30, 2014 Quakertown Pennsylvania UNITED STATES
Fernando, Robert Isaac Neil Bardal Funeral Centre Jul 21, 2014 Winnipeg Manitoba CANADA
Sheldon, Sharon Louise MacKenzie Funeral Chapel Jul 20, 2014 Stonewall Manitoba CANADA
Henk, Kenneth W. Oakland Cemetery & Mausoleum Jul 19, 2014 Freeport Illinois UNITED STATES
Tokaryk, Miriam Jane Burquitlam Funeral Home Jul 10, 2014 Coquitlam British Columbia CANADA
Torres-Figueroa, Rosa Milagros Funeraria Porta Coeli Jun 14, 2014 Bayamón Puerto Rico UNITED STATES
Henk, Beatrice A. Oakland Cemetery & Mausoleum May 05, 2013 Freeport Illinois UNITED STATES
Woods, Katherine Perry Funeral Home, Inc. Nov 18, 1930 Lynbrook New York UNITED STATES