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Alesse, Carmelo J. Keefe Funeral Homes Oct 06, 2015 Cambridge Massachusetts UNITED STATES
Peterson, Barbara Woolley - Boglioli Funeral Home Oct 06, 2015 LONG BRANCH New Jersey UNITED STATES
Wheeler, Helen Louise Becker - Dyer - Stanton Funeral Home Oct 06, 2015 Atchison Kansas UNITED STATES
Hinkhouse, Alberta Esterdahl Mortuary & Crematory, Ltd. Oct 06, 2015 MOLINE Illinois UNITED STATES
Lialios, John Curlew Hills Memory Gardens, Inc Oct 06, 2015 Palm Harbor Florida UNITED STATES
Obeid, Abdulwahab Chas. Verheyden, Inc. - Detroit Oct 06, 2015 Detroit Michigan UNITED STATES
Henry, Joe Morris McReynolds-Nave-Larson Funeral Home Oct 06, 2015 Clarksville Tennessee UNITED STATES
Auger, Mildred I. Pinette Dillingham & Lynch Funeral Home & Cremation Services Oct 06, 2015 Lewiston Maine UNITED STATES
Mann, Jane "Janie" Taylor Moody-Connolly Funeral Home Oct 06, 2015 Brevard North Carolina UNITED STATES
Sermons, Douglas "Pruitt" Magnolia Funeral Home Oct 06, 2015 Alexandria Louisana UNITED STATES