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Stokes, Loeta Audrey Haught Funeral Home Jul 30, 2015 Plant City Florida UNITED STATES
Buck, Ann M Anderson-Ebright Funeral Home Jul 30, 2015 Greenfield Ohio UNITED STATES
Chadwick, Elvira I. Commerce Hill Funeral Home Jul 30, 2015 Bridgeport Connecticut UNITED STATES
Bulfone, Nives John T. Donohue Funeral Home Limited Jul 30, 2015 LONDON Ontario CANADA
Arnold, Helen Sharon E.F. Lassahn Funeral Home, P.A. Jul 30, 2015 Kingsville Maryland UNITED STATES
Williams, Brian Allen H.L. Cudney Funeral Home Jul 30, 2015 Welland Ontario CANADA
Kirk, Elizabeth Ann "Libby" Frost Funeral Home Jul 30, 2015 Abingdon Virginia UNITED STATES
McGlone, Ethel "Kathryn" Chambers & Grubbs Funeral Homes Jul 30, 2015 Kentucky UNITED STATES
Kelly, Peter George Dixon-Garland Funeral Home Jul 30, 2015 Markham Ontario CANADA
Bradshaw, Elizabeth Lowry Miller Funeral Chapel Limited Jul 30, 2015 Caledonia Ontario CANADA