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DeWitt, Ruth Ann Cawley & Peoples Funeral Home Oct 24, 2014 Marietta Ohio UNITED STATES
Combs, Carlo Avink Funeral Home Cremation Society Oct 24, 2014 Schoolcraft Michigan UNITED STATES
Musselman, Harry A. Bunnell Funeral Home Oct 24, 2014 Millville Pennsylvania UNITED STATES
Kershaw, Albert V Seawinds Funeral Home & Crematory Oct 24, 2014 Sebastian Florida UNITED STATES
Albano, Frank John Westchester Funeral Home Oct 24, 2014 EASTCHESTER New York UNITED STATES
Brewer, Elizabeth Ann Ray-Nowell Funeral Home Oct 24, 2014 Senatobia Mississippi UNITED STATES
Sizemore, Elizabeth Faye Loving Funeral Home Oct 24, 2014 COVINGTON Virginia UNITED STATES
Sokyrka, Sonja Baldock Funeral Home Inc. Oct 24, 2014 Simcoe Ontario CANADA
Ekonomovski, Alkivijadi Heritage Funeral Centre Oct 24, 2014 Toronto Ontario CANADA
Brown, Rudolph Lex Thompson-Wilson Wynne Funeral Home Oct 24, 2014 Wynne Arkansas UNITED STATES