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Roberts, Nehemiah Isaiah Diehl-Whittaker Funeral/Cremation Services May 23, 2016 Columbus Ohio UNITED STATES
Vassallo, Rita Brock & Visser Funeral Home Burial & Cremation Services Ltd. May 23, 2016 Woodstock Ontario CANADA
Long, Robert Francis Burpee-Scott Memorial Chapel & Crematory May 23, 2016 Fort Valley Georgia UNITED STATES
Paulson, Joey Robert Whitcomb-Lynch Funeral Home & Cremation Services May 23, 2016 Janesville Wisconsin UNITED STATES
Pribicko, Aaron Paul Rairigh - Bence Funeral Home, Inc. of Indiana May 23, 2016 Indiana Pennsylvania UNITED STATES
Hare, William Clifford Burrier-Queen Funeral Home May 23, 2016 Winfield Maryland UNITED STATES
Hearn, Mamie Bell Forest Hill Funeral Home and Memorial Park May 23, 2016 Memphis Tennessee UNITED STATES
Gayton, Gabriel Garfield Boies-Ortega Funeral Home May 23, 2016 Walsenburg Colorado UNITED STATES
Lapa (D'Ambrosia), Josephine DiPonzio Funeral Home, Inc. May 23, 2016 ROCHESTER New York UNITED STATES
Tomlinson, Jessie Andrew L. Hodges Funeral Home Ltd. May 23, 2016 St. Marys Ontario CANADA