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Jantzen, Kimberly Denise Rogers Family Mortuary, Inc. Feb 08, 2016 Alamosa Colorado UNITED STATES
Bates, Ovedia Ludia Haught Funeral Home Feb 08, 2016 Plant City Florida UNITED STATES
Alrayyashi, Mohamed Ahmed Chas. Verheyden, Inc. - Detroit Feb 08, 2016 Detroit Michigan UNITED STATES
Stamp, Eian Charles Howe Mortuary, Inc. Feb 08, 2016 Longmont Colorado UNITED STATES
Patterson, Ruth E Esterdahl Mortuary & Crematory, Ltd. Feb 08, 2016 MOLINE Illinois UNITED STATES
Groover, Melanie Hoorn Berry Funeral Home & Crematory Feb 08, 2016 Elberton Georgia UNITED STATES
Dixon, Mary Chambers & Grubbs Funeral Homes Feb 08, 2016 Kentucky UNITED STATES
Wiehoff, Clifford Earl Floral Hills Memorial Gardens & Funeral Home Feb 08, 2016 Covington Kentucky UNITED STATES
Ortmann, Elizabeth The Murphy Funeral Home Feb 07, 2016 Pembroke Ontario CANADA
Conn, Marjorie J. Plumer-Overlease Funeral Home, Stockton Feb 07, 2016 Stockton Kansas UNITED STATES