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Schneider, Shirley Corson Mayhew Funeral Homes And Crematorium Jul 21, 2014 Meredith New Hampshire UNITED STATES
Brown, Betty Jane Welch Funeral Home Jul 21, 2014 Warsaw Virginia UNITED STATES
Fuoco, Jean Ward Funeral Homes - Weston Chapel Jul 21, 2014 Toronto Ontario CANADA
Lang, Charles "Chris" Barrett's Funeral Homes Ltd. Jul 21, 2014 St. John's Newfoundland and Labrador CANADA
Perez, Mary New Hyde Park Funeral Home Jul 21, 2014 NEW HYDE PARK New York UNITED STATES
Wasil, Laura Mae Barnhart Funeral Home Jul 21, 2014 GREENSBURG Pennsylvania UNITED STATES
Okray, Darlene Shuda Funeral Services & Crematory Jul 21, 2014 STEVENS POINT Wisconsin UNITED STATES
Niamonitakis, Marietta Andrew Torregrossa & Sons, Inc. Funeral Homes Jul 21, 2014 Brooklyn New York UNITED STATES
Nealer, Gladys Rairigh - Bence Funeral Home, Inc. of Indiana Jul 21, 2014 Indiana Pennsylvania UNITED STATES
Origenes, Demetrio S. Alvarez-Marshello Funeral Home Jul 21, 2014 Jersey City New Jersey UNITED STATES