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James, Linda Cherished Memories Memorial Chapel Nov 27, 2015 Fresno California UNITED STATES
Harter, Carol Jean Reichmuth Funeral Home Nov 26, 2015 Elkhorn Nebraska UNITED STATES
Stepanski, James A. Integrity Funeral Care Nov 26, 2015 Houston Texas UNITED STATES
Mikhail, Amir Ramzi Chapel Ridge Funeral Home Nov 26, 2015 Markham Ontario CANADA
Kuzek, Cynthia Gayle Blair's Funeral Home - Hudson Bay Nov 26, 2015 Hudson Bay Saskatchewan CANADA
Appleby, William Reichmuth Funeral Home Nov 26, 2015 Elkhorn Nebraska UNITED STATES
Fisher, James Clinton Funeral Service Nov 26, 2015 CLINTON Arkansas UNITED STATES
Mainville, Leo Paul Munro & Morris Funeral Homes Nov 26, 2015 Alexandria Ontario CANADA
Mastroianni, Giovanna J.J. Patterson and Sons Funeral Residence Limited Nov 26, 2015 Welland Ontario CANADA
Cullum, W. Samuel Graham A. Giddy Funeral Homes Ltd. Nov 26, 2015 Fergus Ontario CANADA