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King, Rickey James Charlet Funeral Home, Inc., Zachary, LA Jun 28, 2016 Zachary Louisana UNITED STATES
Lawton, Constance Thompson Waters Funeral Home Jun 27, 2016 PORT DOVER Ontario CANADA
Scinto, Kathleen Integrity Funeral Care Jun 27, 2016 Houston Texas UNITED STATES
Diaz, Carlos Ruben Funeraria Alvarez de Paterson Jun 27, 2016 Paterson New Jersey UNITED STATES
Zannoni, Gloria A. Leete Stevens Enfield Chapels & Crematory Jun 27, 2016 Enfield Connecticut UNITED STATES
Schwantz, Victoria Ann Neville Funeral Home Jun 27, 2016 Pembroke Ontario CANADA
Larose, Irene Emma Neville Funeral Home Jun 27, 2016 Pembroke Ontario CANADA
DONAHUE, RONALD Fogo Island Funeral Home Ltd Jun 27, 2016 Joe Batts Arm Newfoundland and Labrador CANADA
DePaula, Consuelo Funeraria Alvarez Jun 27, 2016 Passaic New Jersey UNITED STATES
Sousa, Adalberto Lounsbury Funeral Home Jun 27, 2016 Cambridge Ontario CANADA