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Werlein, Nancy Jane Honsa Family Funeral Home Jul 07, 2015 White Bear Lake Minnesota UNITED STATES
Gedgard, Mary Jane Bradley Funeral Home Jul 07, 2015 Evesham Township, Marlton New Jersey UNITED STATES
Halcomb, Billie Gilliam Bartley Funeral Home Jul 07, 2015 Grand Saline Texas UNITED STATES
Van Gorder, Carl Robert Davis-Babcock Funeral Home Jul 07, 2015 Willoughby Ohio UNITED STATES
Liberatore, Salvatore V. Fred C. Dames Funeral Home Jul 07, 2015 Joliet Illinois UNITED STATES
Carrillo, Victor Scarano Funeral Homes Jul 07, 2015 Pembroke Pines Florida UNITED STATES
Bauer, Misako T.P. Sampson Company Jul 07, 2015 Springfield Massachusetts UNITED STATES
Sester, Matthias Beach Funeral Homes - West Jul 07, 2015 Melbourne Florida UNITED STATES
Shook, Thelma Rea Corn McGahee Griffin Stewart Funeral Home Jul 07, 2015 CORNELIA Georgia UNITED STATES
Drago, Kathleen Marie Bartlett Funeral Home Jul 06, 2015 Plymouth Massachusetts UNITED STATES