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Buller, Virginia Tassin Delhomme Funeral Home Apr 23, 2014 LAFAYETTE Louisana UNITED STATES
Herren, Claude Alvin Reichmuth Funeral Home Apr 23, 2014 Elkhorn Nebraska UNITED STATES
Varachi, Charles J. Flynn Memorial Home Apr 23, 2014 Yonkers New York UNITED STATES
Hogan, Robert Allen Honsa Family Funeral Home Apr 23, 2014 White Bear Lake Minnesota UNITED STATES
Klein , Irene J. Michaels Funeral Home Apr 23, 2014 Middle Village New York UNITED STATES
Hooks, James R. Mill St. Location Apr 23, 2014 New Castle Pennsylvania UNITED STATES
Hotz, Werner New Hyde Park Funeral Home Apr 23, 2014 NEW HYDE PARK New York UNITED STATES
Jordan, Louise Morgan and Son Funeral Home Apr 23, 2014 Marshville North Carolina UNITED STATES
Morris, Margaret Cook Williamson Memorial Funeral Home and Cremation Services Apr 23, 2014 Franklin Tennessee UNITED STATES
MacLennan, Doris Muriel Lougheed Family Funeral Home Apr 23, 2014 Sudbury Ontario CANADA