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Jones, Hugh Barrett's Funeral Homes Ltd. Jul 12, 2014 St. John's Newfoundland and Labrador CANADA
Thomas, Doris S Brettschneider-Trettin-Nickel Funeral Chapel and Crematory Jul 12, 2014 Appleton Wisconsin UNITED STATES
Elmore, James Shipman's Funeral & Cremation Service Jul 12, 2014 Pryor Oklahoma UNITED STATES
Weiss, Susan Dee Goldman Funeral Group, Inc. Jul 11, 2014 Buffalo Grove Illinois UNITED STATES
Roberts, Nancy B. Kalmer Memorial Services Jul 11, 2014 LEBANON Illinois UNITED STATES
Paul, Grace (Hasson) Rutherford Funeral Home & Crematory at Powell Jul 11, 2014 Powell Ohio UNITED STATES
Pastena, Domenica Scarano Funeral Homes Jul 11, 2014 Pembroke Pines Florida UNITED STATES
Clark, Belva J. Vedder and Scott Funeral Home Jul 11, 2014 MONTOUR FALLS New York UNITED STATES
Underwood, Betty Jean McConnell McGahee Griffin Stewart Funeral Home Jul 11, 2014 CORNELIA Georgia UNITED STATES
Smith, M. Barrie Roadhouse & Rose Funeral Home Jul 11, 2014 Newmarket Ontario CANADA