Our primary goal for news publications is to re-establish the partnerships that funeral homes have historically had with newspapers for generations.

We are hoping to let local newspapers know that as funeral homes, both we and the families we serve are concerned over the tremendous disconnect that has formed between our organizations with the advent of obituaries being sold off to third party marketing groups.

While we respect the need for newspaper to derive new revenues online to offset print costs, we simply feel that the families and our profession deserve a neutral place that respects the dignity of the deceased and privacy of visitors.

Families continue to spend a great deal of money today to have these obituaries placed in print media. We feel that they deserve the sanctity and respect of not exposing them to a barrage of advertising targeting visitors and families.

As the move towards online advantages continue, we hope we can inspire and encourage all local newspapers to look to new ways to offset expenses by building in the additional cost to maintain this sanctity in the form of the cost to place these print obituaries. At the very least, to charge a separate fee for the posting of these obituaries on the newspapers online section, but ensuring a commercial free environment and one that it always directs the visitor back to the funeral home website to place condolences and find advanced service details that are delivered to the visitor and the family in real time.

We would encourage open dialog on how we can partner together to use the ObitsForLife posting site as a testament towards making this a neutral, respectful place for all newspaper to connect and share published obituary works.